Is this site running slow tonight?

  dagwoood 22:05 07 Jun 04

The pages seem to be taking a while to open.


  christmascracker 22:06 07 Jun 04

Same here, thought it was just me!

  wyatt earp 22:07 07 Jun 04

Yes - Also i wrote out my final message on Office 2k not printing and i got a server down error and lost the lot! GRRR.

  ahales42 22:07 07 Jun 04

yes it is. strange.

  VoG II 22:07 07 Jun 04

OK here, just to be different.

  sgtdibble 22:09 07 Jun 04

Hi dagwood -yes it is a little slower than usual and it disconnected me once but its a popular site so we love it ---Tom >>>

  dagwoood 22:14 07 Jun 04

R.e. VoG™. There's always one isn't there ;0)

Christmascracker, wyatt earp and ahales42, thanks for allaying my fears.

Cheers, dagwoood.

  mammak 22:15 07 Jun 04

dagwoood yep it was' but ok now Regard's Mammak.

  dagwoood 22:15 07 Jun 04

sgtdibble, thanks.


  Audeal 22:16 07 Jun 04

Slow earlier on but OK now

  woodchip 22:18 07 Jun 04

I have two comps on Dial-Up and getting the same problems on both, i.e. pages would not load even after reboot, it as been like this for two days for me but at the moment it seems as if it's OK

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