Is SiSoft Sandra incorrect?

  BigMoFoT 21:40 10 Feb 03

Just used Sandra for the first time and during a mainboard check it is reporting my FSB is incorrect and that I should reduce it!; It's reporting @ 2x124 MHz (which in my mind equals 248 MHz) but my rated FSB is 266.

I have an Asus A7V33 and XP2100+, multiplier is 13/133?

Any suggestions anyone?

  faichfolds 21:45 10 Feb 03

Does your system run nicely with no problems

  BigMoFoT 21:48 10 Feb 03

It does!

  faichfolds 21:52 10 Feb 03

You may have the answer you're looking for!!
(Tongue in cheek)

  Patr100 22:31 10 Feb 03

Sandra has been known to be wrong.

  spuds 01:12 11 Feb 03

Nothing is 100%, and SS can sometimes fit into this catergory, so take the results with a little suspicion at times.

  Forum Editor 09:05 11 Feb 03

Sandra occasionally gets it wrong - quite often in fact.

  Templar1961 10:49 11 Feb 03

AIDA is supposedly more 'accurate' than Sandra - its easy to download from click here

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