SiS VGA Utilities.

  Meshuga 21:13 30 Dec 07

During the course of a repair to my pc by a professional engineer I found that a progam called SiS VGA Utilities had been installed. This shows in All Programs and there is also an icon for it in the info bar by the clock. Can anyone tell me what is the function of this program please.

  Meshuga 21:34 30 Dec 07


  skidzy 21:34 30 Dec 07

Possible software to configure your graphics,do you have or did they have the mobo utilities disc,if so they may have loaded this.

  skidzy 21:36 30 Dec 07

Probably something like this click here

  sunny staines 21:37 30 Dec 07

I think its comes as part of the latest sis driver software

cannot find it on the sis down site.

  Meshuga 21:45 30 Dec 07

skidzy & sunny staines.
The repair involved replacing the MoBo because of a fault with the onboard graphics so it looks as though you are both right. Many thanks and a Happy New year to you both.

  skidzy 21:47 30 Dec 07

Your welcome Meshuga,all the best to you too.

  carper 10:46 31 Dec 07

I assume that your printer is an Epson as the programme you mention I use occasionally for things like resetting the counter etc. You might like to see if this is the one.
click here
Your engineer might have used it as I know some do and charge about £35.00 for supposedly resetting the printer. You can certainly do it all in there. Regards Carper

  Meshuga 13:28 31 Dec 07

You are right about my printer, it is an epson. Your Click Here is all in russian and unreadable.
It was some time ago that the repair was done and as far as I remember I had to call him back because the sound was not working. Anyway, it`s resolved now, thank you for your reply. Regards, Meshuga. Happy new year.

  Woolwell 14:08 31 Dec 07

I think carper may be confused. skidzy and sunny staines are correct. If you have SIS onboard graphics the VGA utilities are part of the latest driver download and are essential for widescreen monitors which require 1440x900 as the older drivers didn't support this resolution.
You can adjust resolutions and colour etc through the VGA utility.
Found this out the hard way by getting a PC to work with a 19" widescreen TFT.

  jondoe12 06:40 18 Apr 10

i have it on mine but no one seems to what it it .my (sis)has stopped working and my computer isnt very happy got find a fix for it ..any ideas ...

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