The Sims problems

  Elrond 10:56 01 Jan 03
  Elrond 10:56 01 Jan 03

My Girlfriend likes playing the sims on the PC, I re-installed it for her the other day after a year of it sitting around doing nowt cos our old PC used to crash after a while of playing it. Now however I've another problem. As she plays she regularly saves her progress but if she's on it for a while it eventually tells her there's an error trying to save. There's plenty of HDD space. I said turn it off and we'll check tomorrow, cos my assumption was that the game had got the CPU a bit too hot or something. So we left it overnight and tried again this morning but it still wont save. Any ideas.

128DDR ram (I know, but i'm saving up for more!)

  Elrond 11:01 01 Jan 03

PS 32MB ATI Graphics Card

  Gongoozler 11:20 01 Jan 03

Elrond, I have no knowledge of this game and I am not familiar with XP, but I am certain that this is not a hardware problem and your cpu is not getting too hot. I think it is a software problem, probably resource management within the game software. Check the game makers website, there may be a patch to resolve the problem, or there may be a users forum where this problem could be resolved. I think this is probably a very resource hungry game, so more ram could be the solution, as 128M is only just enough for Windows XP alone.

  Elrond 11:22 01 Jan 03

Thanks gongoozler, I'm saving for more ram at the minute.

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