Simple PCI slot question

  Speedyl2p 16:22 26 Oct 07

Hi im doing a project for MY ICT course and ive got a question about PCI slots.

Ive been looking at motherboards and I need to make sure ive got 4 PCI slots for different expansion cards that may be needed on a computer but I havent been told what they will be.

Ive noticed that theres different kinds of PCI slots such as x16 x1 ect and PCI-E.

Im suppost to be specking a cheap motherboard but was wondering if these different sort of PCI slots made any real different to basic network cards, sound cards ect.

  961 16:37 26 Oct 07

If all the stuff is current manufacture there won't be a problem

However as the specs for motherboards and cards has developed if you buy something old either motherboard or card ther could be a problem

Check the technical spec for each item before purchase or google to get the full technical spec for PCI and the dates when upgrades happened

If you really want the low down in hard copy, beg, buy, borrow (or go to the library) for Scott Mueller's "Upgrading and repairing PCs" which will tell you all about PCI slots and specs

There's a web site as well

  Diemmess 16:50 26 Oct 07

Not so many PCI slots fitted to new budget computers these days, possibly because they may use very small motherboards and there is no longer sufficient room for more than a couple.

Also in cramped conditions a bulky inserted card may overhang another slot!

What I'm trying to say is - do make sure that there are both slots and room for the 4 cards to be fitted.

  keef66 17:04 26 Oct 07

Make sure it's a full sized ATX board; it will usually have 4 or 5 PCIslots and plenty of room.

Don't confuse PCI with PCI-express

  Diemmess 18:05 26 Oct 07

Parallel to the PCI slots will be one for video display only (graphics and monitor control)
This will be AGP or PCIExpress.

  Speedyl2p 18:07 26 Oct 07

So whats a AGP express then o_o

Sry just finding more questions as I search through the motherboards >.<

  961 19:14 26 Oct 07

Google "agp express" and you'll find a link to Tom's Hardware site which will give you all the info and keep you busy for hours/days/weeks about hardware

Every time I think of getting a new bit of hardware I look at Tom's site

It takes me days 'cos I always end up reading about, and buying, something completely different

Read it at your peril!

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