Simple key board ?, lost the zero

  wallbash 17:07 13 May 04

Brand new computer, trying to reg, the win home xp OS. but the keyboard wont produce the zero (number). swoped the brand new keyboard with a second brand new one. same problem. On was ps2 and one usb. Think also not working on letters, ie the ASDF, but on others.Cannot not get futher until I reg.
But I can use other numbers, only not the 0


  Diemmess 18:13 13 May 04

Having tried two keyboards plus USB versus PS2 then I think you qualify for a spot of help from your vendor. .........The fault must be at the grunt command level, but then I'm only guessing.

  wallbash 18:22 13 May 04

Will close this thread before i die of shame,
Microsoft reg code (I think ) does not require zero's. So when trying to include the wrong number, rejection set in.
In defence the number i tried to install came with computer but was a long manufacture number!!! When i went thru the cardboard boxs, found genuine number, No zero's and No problems.

Will now go to the bottem of the garden and eat worms.

  Diemmess 18:32 14 May 04

Thanks for your feedback, that is why I join in the fun on this Forum....... Its amazing the breadth of useful knowledge shown, and it just rounds things up nicely to find an unexpected answer.

  wallbash 19:07 14 May 04

Known for getting the wrong end of the stick.
Its always the simple things that foul you up..

Some time ago, started a thread about Mesh and sound Drivers, mega respose, but the main problem was that I had not Known that the on-board sound was with the addition of a seperate sound card. Checked that the green speaker plug went into green hole (but not the correct green hole)

Felt a right idiot!!!

This thread is now locked and can not be replied to.

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