S.H.F. 15:09 07 Feb 03

What do u think of sim city 4, i have it and it is a bg diferents from Sim City 3000

  MartinT-B 15:14 07 Feb 03

I haven't bought it yet.

There appear to be issues with graphics once your city/ies grow beyond a certain size.

My card can barely cope with Morrowind as it is.

  Gran_T_Boy 15:19 07 Feb 03

a think its great, but it isnt as addictive as simcity 3000, but the graphics do have some problems, such as when trying to sroll across your city, its v juttery and laggy!

other than that, i think its quite a big jump from the other simcity's!

  L.H.F 15:20 07 Feb 03

no, jus that its needs a powerful system to cope wit massive cities

  L.H.F 15:22 07 Feb 03

v powerful system

  Gran_T_Boy 15:50 07 Feb 03

well mines a

p4 1.6Ghz

Geforce2 mx400 64mb

512ddr ram

winxp pro

soundblaster 5.1

Itt runs all the other latest games fine, my friend had a dual processor motherboard at 4ghz, geforce 4, 1+gb ram, and his is still juttery!

if it takes a v powerful machine, it must need a beast!

y would it need good specs but put the minimum specs to 500mhz, 128mb ram and 16mb graphics card!

I think its more than just needing good specs, could be a glitch in the most likely case!

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