sim card

  blobbies 10:07 15 Aug 06

What SIM as in SIM card is it an abbreviation like USB i am puzzled.

  Gongoozler 10:17 15 Aug 06

A SIM card as used in a mobile telephone contains the personalised information for the phone, including the network operator and the subscriber information, and so was named "Subscriber Identification Module (SIM)"

  recap 10:18 15 Aug 06

Subscriber Identity Module (SIM); a smart card containing the telephone number of the subscriber, encoded network identification details, the PIN and many other user data such as the phone book. A user's SIM card can be moved from phone to phone s it contains all the key information required to activate the phone.

  recap 10:20 15 Aug 06

There is also this explanation:

Single inline module. Same as SIP except with a connector edge instead of leads. (SIP)Single inline package. A component or module that has one row of leads along one side.

  vinnyT 10:30 15 Aug 06

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  blobbies 17:07 15 Aug 06

thank you all for the info on what SIM means

regards blobbies

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