Silverlight - what is it ?

  Furkin 26 Oct 11

Hi folks, I've resisted the offer of Silverlight so far,,,, but heard someone mentioning it on a train the other day. I currently use IE-9 for 99% of the time, & I have Firefox installed in case IE goes t|ts up.

What is Silverlight ?

What are the pro's-n-con's ?


  gengiscant 26 Oct 11

All you need to know. Silverlight

  mooly 26 Oct 11

Silverlight is just a web browser "plug in" like Adobe Flash Player.

Unless you have actually visited a site that has asked for Silverlight to be installed before you can view it then personally I wouldn't bother installing it.

In fact does anyone know a site that actually uses Silverlight...

  Furkin 26 Oct 11


I've never been asked for it. I just keep seeing it in my Win Update & wondered what it was.

I'll probably stick to what I have until Win-8 comes out. I'm thinking of trying the beta version on my lappy,,,, just to get to grips with it.

cheers mate

  northumbria61 26 Oct 11

It is a must install if you have SKY GO on your computer - it won't work without it.

  mooly 26 Oct 11

As too Windows 8.

It's not really a Beta program, it's well before that stage and is a "developer preview".

Don't even think of installing it unless you have a way back...

And as to Silverlight... just hide the update so it's not visible.

  mimosa418 26 Oct 11

I mistakenly installed Silverlight and had untold problems with updates failing. I have now uninstalled it from both my machines and will wait till a web site tells me I require Silverlight before I worry any more about it.

  Furkin 26 Oct 11

cheers all,

Silverlight ? Havn't missed it yet - so No - won't bother.

Win-8 ? I was going to try it on my lappy which is only a stand-by machine, with hardly anything on it yet,,,, but knowing my luck, it would bu@@er things up anyhoo. Another No - won't bother,,,, yet.

sorted - thanks

PS: I seem to be losing my curser now & then when typing in PCA - anyone else ? Everything works o.k, it's just that I can't see where the curser is !

  mooly 26 Oct 11

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