A silly question but I'll ask it.

  Newuser2533 21:17 27 Nov 06

I'm thinking about buying an enclosure for an external hard drive, as I have a couple of spare hard drives at home, and doing it this way must be cheaper.
The question is....what is the difference between 2.5 and 3.5 hard drives and how do I determine what ones I have at home.....
There is probably a simple answer but I don't know it.
Thank you.

  Diodorus Siculus 21:18 27 Nov 06

If your hard drive is out of a PC then it will be 3.5; if from a laptop, then 2.5.

  skidzy 21:18 27 Nov 06

I may be corrected here but i think the 2.5 is normally associated with laptops.

  skidzy 21:19 27 Nov 06

Hi Dio

Oh well thats that answered Dio Lol :-))

  sean-278262 21:30 27 Nov 06

However if it came from a larger laptop with a 15inch or larger screen some do use 3.5 inch drives but these are rare. It will say on the drive itself. Just google the model name and you will find what it is.

  Technotiger 21:34 27 Nov 06

Also the 2.5" are very much thinner than the 3.5".

  Technotiger 21:36 27 Nov 06

PS - no such thing as a silly question on this Forum - as long as it is a genuine question.

  bruno 21:44 27 Nov 06

Make sure you buy a caddy with the correct connections.I did this about two weeks ago and just asked for a caddy.It was only when I opened my PC for a different reason that I realised my old drive and my new one in the PC were completely different connections.

  Newuser2533 21:44 27 Nov 06

Thank you very much.

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