Silly question about Sky+ ?

  evansg81 15:48 08 Jun 08

I'm an existing member of Sky with a standard box. A friend has offered me their Sky+ box as they now have HD. I notice that Sky normally charge £60 for Sky+ installation. Is it not just a case of swapping the boxes over and hey presto we have Sky+??

Thanks for the help!

  jimv7 15:51 08 Jun 08

No, you have to have 2 LNB's installed as well, and have the box registered with sky for your card to work.

  Chris the Ancient 16:31 08 Jun 08

I'm pretty much in the same league as evansg81 in that I am already a sky customer. And I had thought of going for sky+.

I navigated (oh so slowly) round the sky site looking for info. They are keen to sell sky+ boxes - but say nothing about this need for two LNBs and what might be involved once I pay my money.

What makes it more confusing for me is that I am on a (fairly) new estate where sky is 'piped'. If I went for sky+, would they then have to fit me with a dish so that I can use sky+?


  sunny staines 16:41 08 Jun 08

do these sky+ boxes allow you to save recorded programs to dvd or video or is it purley a large hard drive

  benwil 16:49 08 Jun 08

yes you can save them to dvd or video, use scart leads or your chosen method to transfer. further to sky+ installation get someone with sky+ or sky hd to reccomend you, you both get vouchers or discount!

  evansg81 18:06 08 Jun 08

Sorry but what's an LNB? :S

So does anyone know whether Sky allow you to install a box you've bought yourself or do they always charge you the £60? I'm hoping I can just ring them up and register it? (once I've found out what an LNB is and how to install one ;))

  jimv7 18:06 08 Jun 08

2 LNB's are needed as you will not be able to record 1 channel whilst watching another.

Plus the new box has to be registered with sky to be able to work with your card.

I have just had sky+ installed, the engineer removed the existing LNB and replaced with 2 new, then had to ring sky to register the sky+ box with my card before it would work.

  jimv7 18:08 08 Jun 08

LNB's explained click here

  evansg81 18:10 08 Jun 08

Oh so it's something that has to go on the dish by the looks of it. Doesn't look like the £60 installation is avoidable then even if you have your own box! (hoping it's not more if you don't buy the box from them)

  evansg81 18:11 08 Jun 08

PS thanks for the quick responses!

  laurie53 19:51 08 Jun 08

"So does anyone know whether Sky allow you to install a box you've bought yoursel"

Bought mine in Curry's, got a guy to connect the dual LNB and simply rang Sky to register the box to my card.

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