Silly Question

  Cortina 08:02 08 Nov 05

I can't get my headphones to work.The speakers are plugged in the back & work fine,but when I plug the phones in the front nothing happens.Not very techie I know but it puzzles me.

  flyingbrit 08:09 08 Nov 05

is it the volume control just under the cd drawer?

  wee eddie 08:25 08 Nov 05

Into a PC that used to have on-board sound.

  Cortina 08:30 08 Nov 05

hi guys - there is no volume control under the cd draw & no I haven't installed a sound card, i am using the one that was supplied with the pc

  De Marcus™ 08:32 08 Nov 05

Are you trying to play a normal audio cd or an mp3/wav, etc disk?

  wee eddie 08:41 08 Nov 05

My PC has 2 front mounted sockets that the Headphones fit. Headphones and Microphone. Has yours?

Some headphones have a Volume control on their cable. Have yours?

  PaulB2005 08:42 08 Nov 05

Are the front ports connected to anything?

  €dstowe 08:43 08 Nov 05

Sometimes (often?) the headphone sockets in the front of modern CD/DVD drives are non-functional.

  flyingbrit 08:52 08 Nov 05

have your headphones ever worked or have they just stopped?

  De Marcus™ 08:53 08 Nov 05

I'm sure (90%) I read somwhere that these headphone sockets will only play traditional audio cds, nothing else, try a normal audio cd (if you aren't already) and see how it goes.

  De Marcus™ 08:55 08 Nov 05

Aha found it.. click here

whether it's true ot not.........

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