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Silence startup beep

  dede 11:08 29 Mar 03

How do I silence the beep my computer makes when I start my computer. I often use my computer in the early hours of the morning. I am using W98 at the moment.

  Gman 11:11 29 Mar 03

By disabling Power On Self Test (POST) in the BIOS or opening your PC up and disconnecting the speaker from the motherboard connector.

  gemstone 12:05 29 Mar 03

What a silly idea, the single beep is the BIOS telling you all your hardware has responded to polling, if it fails and the PC won't boot you won't hear the fault code beeps it puts out instead, which is your first indication of where a problem might be occuring.
Personally I'm always happy to hear the beep in the morning when I turn on, or especially if I've changed or added a bit of hardware.

  gemstone 12:07 29 Mar 03

BTW I should have said, you can't disable POST on a PC, you can choose fast POST or not but the only way to disable 'Power On' is to leave it turned off.
If you think the beep is disturbing someone then turn the PC on before they retire, it won't do it any harm.

  graham 12:20 29 Mar 03

As Gman says, disconnect the speaker. Gemstone doesn't know what it's talking about.

  xtreme_computing 12:41 29 Mar 03

actually i agree with gemstone

  billyliv 13:14 29 Mar 03

hi, I agree with both. Unplug your front panel speaker that is connected to your motherboard and you will still hear a very faint post bleep. Cheers, Bill

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