Signal Strength

  gel 24 Apr 12

My router is positioned near my desk top in an upstairs study connected by yellow cable The signal strength is very good on my lap top when adjacent to the router. When I use the lap top downstairs the signal is very poor. Can I improve the signal or are there suggestions regarding the router position? Thank you


  KRONOS the First 24 Apr 12
  onthelimit1 24 Apr 12

I a similar situation I use homeplugs - a wired one plugged into the router and a wireless one on the other floor.

  john bunyan 24 Apr 12

I have a similar set up and with a fairly substantial house get good signals downstairs etc. What is the make of your router? I have a Belkin 300+ n .

  gel 24 Apr 12

Thank you all very much for your comments My router is a Thomson TG 585 V 8 which I had from Plusnet

  gel 24 Apr 12

Problem resolved by moving router until best signal received. Basically I moved the router away from an outside wall Thanks for your comments gel

  robin_x 24 Apr 12

I have my Thomson 585 v6 on the back wall away from main window in Living Room. 10' telephone extension from Master Socket to Router.

(1930s semi. All ground floor walls are brick).

I can receive in every room upstairs and down and through to Conservatory at rear.

Speed drops off a bit then, but it's stable. Aerial stays upright for best coverage.

  gel 25 Apr 12

That is most helpful robinofloxley

Thank you very much gel


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