Signal attenuator for voice recognition

  Totally-braindead 00:10 29 Nov 03

Does anyone know where I can get a signal attenuator, I've looked all over and can't find one anywhere. I've just bought IBM Via Voice 10 but the headset need a signal attenuator to cut down the sound taken in by the mike although I would have thought that since the headset came with the software it would have been ok. According to the manual it needs this item depending on the type of sound card. Can anyone help?

  smegs 00:41 29 Nov 03

Do a Google seach. Theres loads on there. About £50

  Totally-braindead 12:14 01 Dec 03

Unfortunately the ones listed in a google search are all for the likes of tv aerials. I'm looking for one for a headset mike for voice recognition purposes. Can anyone else help?

  Gr@h@m 12:58 01 Dec 03
  Gr@h@m 13:11 01 Dec 03

At those prices, you may be wiser to find an electroics shop and get them to make you one. The gubbings is only 3 resistors, about 10p. each, but they must be the correct value.

They would have to measure the mike input impedance of the sound card, and match that to the mike impedance.

  Gr@h@m 14:36 01 Dec 03

Wait a moment! ViaVoice 10 is USB, isn't it? You'll not be fitting an attenuator there!

  Totally-braindead 02:44 02 Dec 03

Sorry I was so long replying Graham, perhaps some versions are USB but the Viavoice 10 I have has a standard mike, not a USB one. I do see what you mean about the price, it would double the price of trying voice recognition so I'll have to try to think of something else. Thanks anyway.

  Valvegrid 07:16 02 Dec 03

If the mic output is e.g 4mv and the sound card is about 2mv, the impedance of the mic is usually 1K ohms which I suspect is the same impedance as the input to the sound card. A half decent electronics engineer could build a simple T attenuator for about 4 pence plus the cost of a box and plugs and sockets at a cost of no more than £4.


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