Sign the Live 8 List

  Graham ® 17:39 02 Jul 05

As this is the Helproom, please sign up click here

  mattyc_92 17:40 02 Jul 05

Way ahead of you.... done that about 4 days ago.... :)

  Graham ® 17:44 02 Jul 05

Nice one!

  Taff36 21:20 02 Jul 05

Been there done that, ordered the tee shirt and the white wrist band. Thanks!

  Eargasm 21:25 02 Jul 05

Already done it mate, but a nice reminder for everyone.

  Andybear 21:33 02 Jul 05

Already done it too.

  Andybear 21:56 02 Jul 05

The Paul McCartney / U2 "Sergeant Pepper" song is now available for download from the same site - cost 99p. There's going to be another one available at about 10.00 tonight. It doesn't say which one it is though.

  mattyc_92 20:19 03 Jul 05


  Sapins 21:16 03 Jul 05

How come this is allowed when the Tsunami appeal wasn't?

  VoG II 21:36 03 Jul 05

Erm, yes done belatedly.

I didn't enjoy the snippets of the concerts that I watched but this is a truly worthwhile cause. I can easily say this lying back in my deluxe PC chair, browsing the forum and nibbling the occasional snack washed down with a nice claret.

There are an awful lot of people - not just in Africa - that do not have access to a clean supply of drinking water - a basic human need. Drinking water is a major source of infections in developing countries and chemical contamination is an issue in some countries (e.g. arsenic in Bangladesh).

We enjoy a privileged lifestyle here in the west (if not perfect) but those poor (in every sense) people in the developing world really do need our support.

We can of course contribute to charities if we wish. But Live 8 is about more than that - it is about getting the big nations to recognise that it is no longer (if ever) tenable or morally justifiable to exact interest on massive loans. It is the people who are suffering, not governments.

So please sign up. It costs nothing.

Thank you.

  Graham ® 07:54 04 Jul 05

As always, you capture the spirit of the occasion perfectly!

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