Sign on to AOL without using AOL9

  ableddyn 11:27 07 Sep 06

Is it possible to use my AOL account without having to load AOL9? I have a BT Voyager 105 modem.

  wolfie3000 12:53 07 Sep 06

I have the exact setup on 1mb aol 9.0 B.B.

And have tryed in the past to sign on without loading the aol software,

But im affraid to say its impossible Unless anyone else knows how to do it?

But i wouldnt get your hopes up.

  feb 13:04 07 Sep 06

You can right click the AOL icon in the system tray and selct "start AOL dialler" or use a DUN conection click here

  patsyanne 13:25 07 Sep 06

I tried as well but got lost doing it , i remember you had to have your sign in name password at 6 letters . I think lots of people on this site have done it ok and on Aol "chat " a lot there have done it as well .

  Koochy 13:47 07 Sep 06


  mattyc_92 14:42 07 Sep 06

If you go to click here (direct link to driver.... 2.1MB approx) and download the "universal" driver for the "BT Voyager 105 USB Modem"

Next, uninstall ALL AOL software, and your Modem.
Reboot your system when asked during the uninstallation.

Now, install the driver from the link provided. You may need to reboot your system.
When Windows loads, you now need to go to "Start->Control Panel->Network and Internet Connections->Network Connections" (for Windows 200 and ealier, open the "Network Connections" option on the Control Panel)
Double-click the entry for your modem. You will see a "Dail-Up" dialog.
For the "username", type in your AOL screenname (for example [email protected]). The password is the password assigned to the screenname you have selected.

Click the "Dial" button. Within a few seconds, you should be connected to the internet WITHOUT the AOL software


**NOTE: The screenname you use MUST have the "18+" rating on the AOL Parental Controls feature to work. You also will need to reinstall AOL if you want to change your password**

  mattyc_92 14:46 07 Sep 06

Here is the direct link to the "universal driver" for the BT Voyager 100 USB Modem - click here
This driver is approx 2.8MB

  ableddyn 14:53 07 Sep 06

Thanks to everyone for their help. esp
feb, mattyc_92 your help was great!
It was MUCH appreciated

  Angry Kid 22:37 07 Sep 06




  johnnyrocker 23:55 07 Sep 06

so why not tick it if resolved?


  CHAIRLEG 00:23 08 Sep 06


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