Shutting down problem

  geedad 19 Feb 12

Windows 7 Home Premium. i5Intel, 4GB Ram, 500 Hdd. HP diagnostics. All drivers up to date, AVG . I am experiencing a Shut Down problem. I have to use the mains switch to turn the PC off! Any HELP .....Please! geedad

  Forum Editor 19 Feb 12

This can sometimes happen if an external device - a printer, scanner,or some other hardware device can't be unmounted at shutdown. It can also occur, but more rarely, if something that runs in the background won't close - an anti-virus application, for instance.

Try disconnecting any external devices and closing all running background applications, to see if that cures the problem. If it does, reconnect the devices and run the background programs one at a time, so you can isolate the culprit.

  geedad 19 Feb 12

Forum Editor

Many thanks,

I will try those tips and will let you know if it solves the problem.


  geedad 20 Feb 12

Forum Editor From your advice, I noticed, on previous shut down attempts, that just for a few seconds, an AV programme WAS waiting to close, and also, I noticed that Windows Live Mail can be closed before actually shutting the PC off. So, I tried closing Windows Live Mail, then went through the closing down procedure for the PC, and it closed within a few seconds! So, I will keep an eye on any 'open application', close it/them, and then shut down. I will continue to look carefully to see if this IS the ultimate solution and if anything else prevents the PC from closing down, will let you know. Meanwhile, thank you again, geedad


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