Should you disable UPnP on a router?

  john bunyan 14:20 28 Sep 13

On another thread I mentioned that the router log showed many foiled DoS apparent attacks. Batch suggested turning off PnP if you are not a P2P user. I do not use Skype at the moment, but may do so in future. I do have Vonage, a broadband telephone. My question is, "Is enabling or disabling uPnP best in a routers settings - is it more secure with it disabled, or less functional?"

  john bunyan 17:11 28 Sep 13

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Thanks, I had read that, which is partly why I posted, since if it is hazardous I would have thought that it would be disabled by default. I wonder what people on this forum do?

  Batch 17:26 28 Sep 13

Did I start you off on this track with my comment in this thread?

UPnP is not needed if you are just doing normal Internet browsing / email etc. Where UPnP comes in is for the likes of gamers playing games with others over Internet, media streaming (to another external device) etc.

I've had mine switched off for years. No probs. I don't see any point in taking unnecessary risks.

In any event, if you turn it off and run in to issues, just turn it on again.

  Press Man 18:23 28 Sep 13

If you are concerned click here and click on "All Service Ports" this will check for any open ports.

  john bunyan 19:08 28 Sep 13


Yes, I thought it worthy of debate in it's own right - as you see there are varying views on it. I think I will try turning it off for a few days; I am not sure what is needed for.

  Batch 09:41 29 Sep 13

You possibly know this already, but UPnP should not be confused with Plug and Play in Windows which is something entirely different (the supporting of plugging devices, such as external HDDs, into your computer and Windows configures for such automatically).

  john bunyan 10:37 29 Sep 13


Thanks. I did clear the log; still many (apparently) foiled DoS attacks. I will try switching off UPnP for a few days to see if it makes any difference. I suspect these DoS attacks are commonplace and not reported much as, like me in the past, people do not look into these obscure logs. In Google there seems to be a lot of Netgear users commenting on the issue.

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