should price be the factor for buying webcams

  cham 18:39 23 Oct 03

i want to install webcams for security and monitoring and want to view the images live from a remote p.c. Are the images viewed over the net all the same quality or does a good make webcam certainly help?I've looked at the Logitech cam (£75.00) but was told by a pc world manager that quality over the net is all the same with a cheaper cam or an expensive.
any advice?

  chrishillcoat 19:09 23 Oct 03

Quality definitely varies, and my £20 Creative webcam has rubbish quality, whereas friends' more expensive cams are much better. Depends whether you're on BB or dialup though.

  recap 19:12 23 Oct 03

I have always been led to believe that the more expensive one's do have a slightly higher resolution and far better software packages than their cheaper alternatives. I think that you should also take the graphics card on the machine into account.

This I am sure will be debated further.

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