Should Malware be deleted?

  otubby1 22:23 14 Jun 03

I've just run Ad-Aware for the first time and it found something I've not heard of before - Malware.

When any of my utilities find stuff in the registry, like in a hotkey, I am reluctant to delete it just to be on the safe side. The thing is, Ad-Aware keeps coming up with this one.

Can it go or should I just keep ignoring it?

  VoG® 22:25 14 Jun 03


  hugh-265156 22:28 14 Jun 03


  otubby1 22:29 14 Jun 03

Even though it is in the registry?

  VoG® 22:30 14 Jun 03

Definitely if it is in the registry, It is crap, get rid of it.

  otubby1 22:33 14 Jun 03

Cheers buddy :)

You too huggy :)

  keith-236785 22:33 14 Jun 03


ditto mate, get rid

  hugh-265156 22:34 14 Jun 03

in adaware go to settings/general and tick automaticaly quarintine before delete box

you can always restore it from items in quarintine by clicking restore then.

  VoG® 22:36 14 Jun 03

click here you are running XP you may find this useful click here

  otubby1 22:39 14 Jun 03

Can it be run along with Ad-Aware?

  VoG® 22:41 14 Jun 03


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