Should I upgrade the memory in my old computer

  CLONNEN 18:21 19 Jul 04

Should I upgrade the memory in my old computer.

The motherboard manual says :

Memory Bank Configuration

The mainboard supports a maximum memory size of 1 GB. It provides two 168-pin unbuffered DIMMs (Double In-Line Memory Module) sockets. It
supports 8 MB to 512 Mbytes DIMM memory module.

WARNING : There are two kinds of DIMM specification supported by this mainboard: PC133 and PC100. If you use 100MHz CPU Bus Frequency, PC100 DIMM Spec is recommended. If you use 133 MHz CPU Bus Frequency, PC133 DIMM Spec is

I currently have installed 48MB PC133 SDRAM by Samsung

Should it be upgraded?

  johnsims 18:26 19 Jul 04

You will see an improvement in performance by adding memory. If I were you I would try to get hold of a pair of pc133 DIMMS at either 64Mb each or 128Mb each, the latter if you wish to run Windows XP. Win9x does not really need that much but a total of 128Mb will speed things up and see less use of the swap file.

  rickf 18:28 19 Jul 04

yes, have at least 512mb. Of course you haven't said what you do on your comp, but 512 is a safe bet which gives you abit of leeway.

  flying grouse 18:30 19 Jul 04

RAM is always a good first upgrade for performance on any computer and probalbly the cheapest................:-)

  CLONNEN 18:36 19 Jul 04

Where is a good place to buy memory from?

  Curio 18:49 19 Jul 04

click here Follow the Wizard for your computer

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