Should I let Windows remember my passwords?

  Halmer 08:36 18 Jan 03
  Halmer 08:36 18 Jan 03

Given that there is all this spy ware stuff around etc.

  AMD 4 ever 08:44 18 Jan 03

yea it still makes life easier.
And spyware is not always work like that, it will tell the host that you are online and available for spam!

  « Ravin » 08:56 18 Jan 03

as long as its not a public or shared computer where other people could access them , go ahead.

  Andsome 09:03 18 Jan 03

GO ahead, it makes life easier. Just in case of future reinstalls, I have made a habit of saving the e-mailed replys concerning passwords etc, to floppy disc.

  Halmer 09:10 18 Jan 03

I just wondered if someone could get access to my passwords, Bank Security numbers etc and use them?

  AMD 4 ever 09:33 18 Jan 03

not ignorant, a fair comment.

But to be honest get a good firewall and Virus protection, also get adaware and this should keep your pc clean.

If someone wanted to then they could yes. although i can't see why they would.

  Lozzy 09:39 18 Jan 03

I reckon you will be ok, as you have more chance of winning the lottery than being hacked!!!

  Halmer 09:46 18 Jan 03

Ok only £40 in total.

  flecc 12:30 18 Jan 03

Yes, I always do and have never experienced a problem.

  barrie_g 12:48 18 Jan 03

If your worried about financial information bank passwords etc. dont save them on your computer, but most other stuff is fine, simple rule that I use is, if its something that I am very concerned about dont otherwise why not, and it saves a hell of a lot of time for websites such as this.

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