Should I go for WIndows Vista or Stay with XP?

  Kooji 10:28 21 Oct 08

Hello all,
This may seem a basic question but I would like some down to earth adice please. I am in the process of ordering a new laptop. Having heard some conflicting tales of how Windows Vista is not as good as XP etc. I'm wondering how do both systems compare in areas such as 1. Ease of Use. 2. Programmes from XP not operating properly on Vista. etc. Should I go for Vista or have XP loaded onto the new machine? No "technical speak" please, I simply won't understand you. I just need someone to explain (in their opinion) the merits/de-merits of either system.
Thanks all. Kooji.

  ventanas 11:47 21 Oct 08

No contest, Vista is vastly superior in every area. I have no problems with applications or hardware on four different machines.
Anyway, I was under the impression that Microsoft have banned the sale of XP on all but a few very low spec machines click here

So you will have to get Vista. Just make sure the machines has a good enough spec, and at least 2Gb ram.

  cream. 13:29 21 Oct 08

If it is a new machine with at minimum of 2Gb of ram go for Vista home premium at least.

Stay with XP if the machine has it already loaded on.

  isca2 13:31 21 Oct 08

Make sure you get Vista Home premium with at least 2Gb Ram and a large hard disk. Do you have a printer, scanner etc that is over a couple of years old as if so, you may wish to come back here and ask if they will be OK with Vista, otherwise go for it.

  Kooji 13:48 21 Oct 08


Thanks very much all for your quick responses. I'm now "sold on Vista". So that's settled it for me.

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