Should I change the swap file disk?

  Handy Spinner 18:35 21 Feb 04

Having recently got a new 80OB HDD (and having set it up succesfully thanks to the nice people on this forum :D) I wonder if it would be a good idea to change the swap file location to the new drive, seeing as I'm down to MB not GB on the old one. Maybe people could advise me? Thanks.

  Dr. Charles(retired now) 18:37 21 Feb 04

Hi HS,
Yes it could be a good idea, we all have to make the most of what we have and it sounds as if you could be "Tight" on space.

  Handy Spinner 18:39 21 Feb 04

I meant 80GB, not OB...just in case that caused any confusion...

  Handy Spinner 18:42 21 Feb 04

Will it improve the performance of my computer significantly?

  powerless 18:43 21 Feb 04

How much memory you got?

...generally what apps do you have open?

  Handy Spinner 18:47 21 Feb 04

256Mb, but 32Mb of that is devoted to graphics.

Internet, Office applications, Musicmatch.

  powerless 19:01 21 Feb 04

Persoanlly i would upgrade yerr RAM as well.

Control Panel, System, Advanced, Setting (1st), Advanced, Change,

Set your first HDD to have no page file, click SET

Now set your second HDD to have a system maged size or input your initial and max values.

Click SET!

Click OK!


  Handy Spinner 19:07 21 Feb 04

Sorry, no, Win 98 SE.

  powerless 19:09 21 Feb 04

cant remember it for 98.

  Handy Spinner 19:14 21 Feb 04

...I'm just looking for confirmation that this will make a noticeable difference. Will it? ;)

  powerless 19:18 21 Feb 04

Try it and see.

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