Should I buy a new computer

  ronm 23:48 13 Feb 05

My computer is 7 years old. It has a 233MHz Intel MMX processor 64 Mb of ram CDRW drive and USB1 ports. I am running 98SE and everything still works fine, I use it mainly for Spreadsheets and wordprocessor programs, no games and internet use of about an hour a day. What benefit would I get if I upgraded?. I am also considering Wanadoo broadband do you think I would have any problems with the above spec.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 23:50 13 Feb 05

There is no need to buy a new computer as you will notice no difference. personally I would buy as much RAM as your MB will allow (512Mb methinks) from click here and you will deffo notice the difference.


  lmhillyard 15:44 14 Feb 05

I agree with Gandalf,I have had 3 pcs in that time frame and if all I used them for was word processing I would be happy with my original.
New PCs are not always better

  wobblymike 16:27 14 Feb 05

Agreed with the contributors so far - I would consider increasing your RAM - 256 MB or more would be ample - broadband should work ok with your spec, and you would see a noticeable increase in downloads of thing such as AV updates, music etc - whether you would see a huge improvement in downloading Internet pages is slightly more doubtful. I base this on my experience of a PC with a 400 MHZ processor which I upgraded from 56K dial up to 256K cable broadband - the result in terms of downloading Internet pages was very disappointing. I offer that for what its worth.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 16:30 14 Feb 05

I use a 512k and 2Mb connection. the difference in opening web pages is negligible. BB will work fine on your computer.


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