Should I buy Compatible inks or the real Mc Coy?

I have a newish (still under a year's guarantee -I think!!)Canon Pixma i5000 printer. I am doing quite a lot of 9free) printing for my daughter's school and need to get new ink cartridges, I would appreciate any input on the original V comaptible ink cartridge debate!

Just shows you how time flies!! Have checked my postings as I asked a question when I bought the printer and it is out of warranty by a couple of months!

  Al94 10:41 11 Jun 06

I have used compatible carts in my Canon for two years with no problems of any description, identical quality. Always get them here, great price includes postage and quick delivery click here

  The Old Mod 10:51 11 Jun 06

Hi, have used compatibles for years with no problems.

  sputnick 10:59 11 Jun 06

I have used compatibles for quite a few printers for a number of years. I tend to stick to Once I find a supplier that I`m confident with I stick with them.

Many thanks- I thought I should stick with the manufacturers ones until the warranty ran out and as it has!
Also my previous printer (HP) replaced the heads ever time and I was more concerned about using compats than i am with the canon now. will check out your suppliers thanks!
(will leave thread open for any further input and close it later!)

  spuds 11:14 11 Jun 06

I have Lexmark,HP and Epson printers, and this is the method that I use. Lexmark, self fill due to high costs and compatible shortages. HP, self fill or compatibles after 4th refill, then refill compatibles for 4 fillings. Epson, compatibles at about £1.00 each for the C86.

7day shop click here IJT click here are worth a look.

  palinka 12:40 11 Jun 06

I have a canon (BJC 3000, several years old). Have used refills from Cartridge World without problems for a couple of years.

  lenc 15:18 11 Jun 06

I have always used compatibles for my Canon s300. I had a problem with some from Choice, but click here has never caused an issue and delivery is next working day. Recommended.

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