Should I bother upgrading to XP from 98?

  Brittnewbury 10:56 14 Aug 04

I have inherited a pentium 2, 8gb, 64mb ram pc running Windows 98... is it worth upgrading it to XP?

  alansabout 11:07 14 Aug 04

I would say not to bother, XP is a very good o/s but it is a bit system hungry you would need to bring your RAM up-to at least 128mb, 256mb recomended, and perhaps a larger HD. by the time you have spent out on that plus the price of the O/S you would be well on the way to geting a half decent new system which would come with XP.

  TomJerry 11:08 14 Aug 04

PC you got is not powerful enough to handle XP. Forget about it, speeed mony on something else.

For £89.99 (less than a full version of XP), you can get HP Vectra VEi PIII 733 MHz PC with CD, 128mb RAM, 10 Gig HDD, Floppy Drive click here

  rickf 11:17 14 Aug 04

not with this system,just not worth the bother.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:51 14 Aug 04

XP requires a min 128mb RAM then still slow 512mb is better.

Several older programs do not run on XP.

Stick with 98 and save anny heart break

  Totally-braindead 13:34 14 Aug 04

I wouldn't bother either, I'm on XP now but my system is a lot faster than what you have and you'll get better service from the PC you have now by staying with 98.

  gold 47 13:45 14 Aug 04

Stay with W98 upgrade to WXP and you will have problem after problem with a computer of this age.

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