should I be concerned ?

  Busybeas 19:27 20 Jan 03
  Busybeas 19:27 20 Jan 03

Hi Everyone,

have been on BroadBand for a month now, and have Mcafee AV v 7 and Mcafee Firewall v4 installed. All auto updates are enabled and seems to be doin it's stuff.

However when I check my Firewall alerts , I am being blitzed with .... UDP/TCP packet was blocked from the remote address blah blah , the local port on my pc was 1214 (kazaa)

I am getting dozens ( sometimes up to a hundred ), thankfully all stopped by the firewall.

To my knowledge, i have never been near the Kazaa site ( though there is a possibility my daughter may have tried )

Does this mean there is some Kazaa link in my pc ?

as its all being stopped do I need to worry ?

and shall I give my daughter a B******ing :)

Any advice folks?


  VoG™ 19:31 20 Jan 03

I have McAfee Personal Firewall On-line and I just let it get on with its business.

I occasionally look in the log and it lists Kazaa stuff. My machine has never been near Kazaa either.

I presume it is other machines with Kazaa that are pinging looking for stuff.

My advice - relax and enjoy your 'puter.

  Elrond 19:32 20 Jan 03

Sinc i installed Zone Alarm firewall(1 month ago) i;ve totalled 2797 blocked intrusions, 2545 of those being high rated. I wouldn't worry the firewall is doing it's job

  woodchip 19:34 20 Jan 03

Are they outgoing or incoming, you can the tell who's at fault if outgoing it will ask if you want to allow

  Busybeas 19:35 20 Jan 03

Peace of mind, is wonderful,
Glad I checked before I gave the daughter a rocket ! :)

( though she had been going on about it for ages! and I kept saying the big NO ! NO! NO !)

Cheers matey

  Busybeas 19:37 20 Jan 03

Wood chip,

all incoming mate,
and thankfully stoppe dat the gate by firewall..... phew......

Thanks for such a speedy response Guys !


  tippucat 19:41 20 Jan 03

I share my computer with my son. I have Sygate firewall. I have never received unsolicited communication with questionable content. My son does. Does this mean that the firewall covers my access (as main user) only and does not recognise his log on thus allowing dubious content email material in? It's not clear from instructions whether second users are covered.

  woodchip 19:47 20 Jan 03

If it works like ZoneAlarm which I think it does if you put a tick in a box it will not ask next time.
You need to check the log and setting to check what as and as not been allowed

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