Short, simple network explanation please!

  kenwyn 09:48 16 Oct 04

I have a new, fast PC running XP home with a 'PCI Fast Ethernet NIC' (according to System Properties) and running broadband on an adsl modem. There are 2 older pCS in the kids rooms running Win98. They both have an ethernet card inside. What do I need to connect them up so the kids can access the files on the main PC, and also use its Intenet connection. I am confused by LAN, WAN routers etc. Do I need a router, a cable from the main PC to it, then 2 cables running from the router to each of the WIN 98 PCS? help as always gratefully received!

  AndySD 10:00 16 Oct 04

Ok but a few questions first.

Is the pc connected to the modem by USB?

Do you want the other PCs to be able to access the web whilst the main pc is turned off?

Who supplies your broadband?

  kenwyn 10:05 16 Oct 04

Yes - usb modem. No Only when the main PC is on. I'm in New Zealand! - internet is XTRA Broadband supplied by NZ Telecom ( speed is 7.6mbps according to the bottom of the screen)

  kenwyn 10:08 16 Oct 04

PS - off to bed soon, so apologies if you ask another question & I am not around - back in about 12 hours!

  AndySD 10:17 16 Oct 04

You only need a switch then like click here and the RJ45 cables.

  AndySD 10:23 16 Oct 04

Try again click here there are many makes. Just connect each of the pc's to the box then use the windows xp Networking Wizard.

  kenwyn 10:25 16 Oct 04

Thank you and goodnight!!

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