Shopping cart software, open source or payed?

  TheTechDoctor 30 Jun 13

I need to evaluate which software a company should use for its shopping cart, I have to decide whether open source or payed is better, I don't just want my opinion, I want to see what the real world thinks, any help appreciated.

  LastChip 30 Jun 13

It depends what the e-commerce software is for and the ability of the admin user.

Open source software has a lot of strong contenders, but it depends upon the complexity of the site and how much support is expected.

If you want instant support if things go wrong, expect to pay for it. If you have the ability to go onto the Internet and seek out a solution for yourself, then maybe open source could be good (and cheaper) for you.

Personally, I like Open Cart and have had considerable success with it. But there are many others, both free and paid for.

  wiz-king 01 Jul 13

Don't forget you will also have to get a 3rd party card handler like Sage Or eKashu.

  sridevikannan 13 Jul 13

Hi, I suggest you to Try Zeuscart which is the best php open source shopping cart software with the most advanced features.

  jacobsamuels 18 Jul 13

There are many open source software available which are free.But you want to use software for shopping cart for the company which I personally feel may become complicated in later stage especially in-case of e commerce. AGORA and many other software's free open source software for shopping cart. But I recommend you to have better one as the activities may become complex.


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