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I have burnt some cds that won't play on my car stereo. I know that not all cd players will play 'homemade' cds but it does play some tracks of some cds. Is there any software that will burn an almost perfect cd? I currently use Nero and like I say the car cd player will play some tracks on some discs. So it is not as if it won't play any fullstop. Thanks.

Is it the quality of the Cdr or is it just not possible to get homemade cds to shop quality.

  alexgray104 18:59 12 Jun 06

Not an expert on this - put isn't it the way you burn them? Burning a 'data cd' will allow many more tracks but will only play on "CD-R/RW" compatitble CD players. Otherwise burn a "music CD" Don't kno whether its related but I always found TDK cd's better than the cheaper/unbranded makes

Before ppl reply asking if I am burning them on CDRWs - I am not. I know to use Cdrs and I use the 'burn music cds' option in Nero.

  The Spires 19:29 12 Jun 06

On my detructions for my car CD player Blaupunkt say that if you use copied CD's copy them at the slowest speed possible.

I have also done that 'The Spires'. Is it just a case of trying various CDs? But I was looking for a foulsafe method if there is one. Because buying lots of different brand CDs and making coasters could prove a little expensive!

  woodchip 19:35 12 Jun 06

Check you have not burned in multi-session. and make sure the disc is finalised = Closed

  Totally-braindead 19:38 12 Jun 06

I use Nero and Datasafe disks and have never had a coaster and they play on anything.

Yes woodchip they are not multi-session and are finalised.

  DieSse 19:46 12 Jun 06

CD-Rs are simply different to pressed commercial CDs - the reflectance of the surface is different for a start. Also, when writing a CD in a computer-grade CD drive, the amount of "jitter" in the data stream is likely to be substantially more than a pressed CD.

So - quality covers more things than just the data stream - and some of those things are impossible to duplicate onto a "written" CD.

It may be a combination that your writer and your in-car CD are both at opposite ends of tolerance, and so it can read some things and not others.

The generally reckoned best chance of insuring compatability is to write the CDs at much lower than maximum speed - and try different brands of CD. You may find a combination that works effectively.

  amonra 20:46 12 Jun 06

Just a thought, are you burning as MP3 and expecting a non-MP3 player to reproduce ?

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