Shimmering keyboard advert

  compumac 18:21 10 Dec 10

Does anyone else on this website get continually "Page is loading" whilst displaying a shimmering keyboard that does not go away after the page must have loaded?

  rawprawn 18:35 10 Dec 10

No, well certainly not me, have you run Malwarebytes etc.
This is very well worthwhile downloading and installing. Then keep it up to date.
click here

  muddypaws 18:48 10 Dec 10

It's one of those terrible ads, not an infection.
I have managed to get rid of it using AdBlock Plus.
Other threads under differeni heading.

  muddypaws 18:52 10 Dec 10

It was this click here, but was replaced by the keyboard ad.

  clock 18:58 10 Dec 10

Evening compumac,
Yes I do keep getting the shimmering keyboard and it really annoys me!! However I just click on Skip this ad and it usually goes away, not quickly though!!
Thought it was only me!

  compumac 19:08 10 Dec 10

I click on "Skip this ad" but it does take some time to go and then clicking on another thread it is there again.

  compumac 09:51 11 Dec 10

Ran Antimalware and McAfee and I still get the "shimmering keyboard" and there are times that despite clicking on "skip this ad" it just stays there and I have to repeatedly retype the forum address to access the forum.

  bremner 09:57 11 Dec 10

You can run as many malware / anti virus applications as you like this is site advertising not an infection.

  chub_tor 10:17 11 Dec 10

I have been wondering why I don't get these advertisements that have been complained about in several threads and then I realised that some time ago I installed Simple-AdBlock click here Apparently it is working as my background for this forum is just black sidebars. Apart from a little blue e at the bottom of the screen and the message "Done, but with errors on the page" I have seen no other effects.

  compumac 11:27 11 Dec 10

I do realise that it is this particular website, but I was just replying to an earlier post where rawprawn had suggested an antimalware scan, and my reply was only to indicate that I had done that and at the time no-one else that I am aware of had referred to the problem.

  compumac 11:50 11 Dec 10

I now also realise that this particular advertising problem has been existence for some time albeit for another product. I find however that with this latest incarnation that no matter how many times I click on "Skip this ad" it stays on the screen and does not allow me to return to the forum. As I stated previously I have to start from scratch to access the forum again. I do appreciate that advertising does pay towards/for the forum but this particular one is driving me away from it.

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