shelf life - photographic paper

  MELDREW 13:03 17 Aug 03

As there is no 'sell-by' date on new photographic paper does this mean it lasts indefinitely? Or is there only a 'shelf-life' after a photograph has been printed upon it? Can anyone enlighten me please? Thank you. Meldrew.

  JIM 14:01 17 Aug 03

Inkjet photographic paper kept in cool dry enclosed conditions will last longer than your handle suggests... :)

Photographs that have been printed upon depends on the ink quality and printer used etc.Claims i personally believe from one manufacturer are to long.Print what you need too and save others on CD

  Forum Editor 14:08 17 Aug 03

that you're referring to inkjet photo paper, and not 'proper' photographic paper?

The latter has a life of between one and three years, depending on type. Inkjet paper will last a lot longer, but the image printed on it will eventually fade. Inkjet inks are not light-fast indefinately, although some are far better than others. So called 'archive quality' inks will last for many years, but normal inks will fade relatively rapidly - it depends on how much light they are subjected to.

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