Sharing USB printer over network

  steved 14:22 17 Mar 03

I have two PCs networked via a hub. A USB printer is connected to PC 'A' and shared with PC 'B' - this works fine, except of course that PC 'B' can only print when PC 'A' is turned on and logged in. Is there any way round this? Both PCs are often used (and printing) at the same time, so swopping USB cables as needed isn't an option.


  Forum Editor 14:34 17 Mar 03

use a printer switch, so that you could print directly from either machine to the printer. Make sure you have installed the printer driver on both machines of course.

Take a look at this -
click here

  DieSse 15:06 17 Mar 03

FE - except that it's a USB printer.

You'll need a box like this to do switching click here

  DieSse 15:10 17 Mar 03

Or even a Printer Server - which hangs the printer on the LAN - just like your two systems, like this oneclick here

  DieSse 15:15 17 Mar 03

Another one click here

  Forum Editor 15:32 17 Mar 03

and thanks to DieSse for spotting my mistake.

I must learn to read the question before providing the answer.

  DieSse 15:44 17 Mar 03

"I must learn to read the question before providing the answer."

Know what you mean - how many times have I had to say that!!

  steved 17:22 17 Mar 03

That's great - thanks all

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