Sharing Norton I'net Security - can I?

  malynx 12:40 11 Nov 05

My querie is:
Can I share my Norton Internet Security on both PCs in my home network?

Relevant details are:
PC1: Windows XP - Norton Internet Security 2005 (oem) up and running (still in 3 months free trial; and for additional discounted fee bought boxed copy also).
PC2: Windows XP Pro

Pending broadband connection, the home network will consist of modem/router connected to both computers, thus each will have internet access independent of the other.

Can I install the Norton I.S. on both computers? -technically and legally?

Can it be shared through file-sharing on the network? -would both PC1 have to be switched on to effectively protect PC2?

  interzone55 12:50 11 Nov 05

Technically you can install Norton internet security on two PCs, Legally it depends on the licence.

Most software for home use is limited to use on one PC only, so check the box your software came in, it will say in the licence agreement how many PCs you can use it on.

I will pre-empt many other users on this forum and suggest that you dump Norton, which I, along with others here, think is as much use as a chocolate fireguard, and instead install Avast! for anti-virus and Zone Alarm or Sygate Personal Firewall. All thses products are free and can be installed on several PCs at once.

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