Sharing an ISDN internet connection on XP

  neilgf 14:21 07 Jul 03

Can someone advise please?

I am attempting to allow 2 PCs to use one ISDN line - hopefully one line each. Here are what I believe are possible solutions and the problems I need to resolve:

1. Enable ICS - can't do as I am using fixed TCPIP addressing on 10.x.x.x. Am I right?
2. Physically connect both PCs to the ISDN box. The box itself has one USB port (already connected to one PC) and 2 digital line connections. Its a BT device and they say you can connect all 3 if you want. My options are:
a. Connect the other PC via a ISDN terminal adapter but this PC is some 20 feet from the BT connection point. Is there a restriction on the length of the ISDN line cable?
b. Share the USB port of the BT point via a USB Autoshare 2.0 (via Lindy). Will this work on the BT point like all other USB devices? I already have USB extenders in operation for the 20 foot distance.

Many thanks.


  recap 14:53 07 Jul 03

You could just connect the two PC's with a cross over cable, use the higher spec machine as the server so to speak. Set up your network using TCP/IP (firsts machines ip address: 192.168.x.1, second 192.168.x.2).Drop the firewall on the XP machines and set up sharing.

click here for further information.

  neilgf 20:08 07 Jul 03

I am restricted to TCPIP so 10.x.x.x due to a VPN requirement.

I thought that meant I could not share an internet connection on a LAN or even peer to peer. Am I wrong?


  recap 16:20 09 Jul 03

VPN connections are created for users that have been authorized. Authorization of a VPN connection is determined by the dial in properties on the user account.

  neilgf 13:00 16 Jul 03

An update.

Problem fixed by using existing USB cables and extenders and a Belkin 4 port switch box.


  graham√ 13:09 16 Jul 03

Thanks for the info. It will be of benefit to others in future searches, especially with an excellent subject title!

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