sharing hard-drive over home network

hi all, i am running xp, hard wired to a bt v3 hubb, also hard wired to the tower is a 600gig hard-drive, i am wanting to share the hard-drive through my hub to allow laptop, xbox etc to acess hard-drive contents...can anyone advise pls

  bremner 06 Jul 11

Have a look at this click here

hi, thanks,id spotted the usb on the back, but its a large 600gig buffalo im tring to share across all devices connected to the router wirelessley

  mgmcc 06 Jul 11

If the drive is connected to the Home Hub's USB port, it should already be accessible to all computers that connect to the Hub. It is immaterial whether the computers connect by ethernet cable or 'wirelessly'.

  BT 07 Jul 11

No problem as long as the Tower is switched on and your network set up.

Access the external drive from the tower, right click in the window and click on Properties then the Sharing Tab and choose the type of sharing that you want.

You should then be able to access it via the wireless network from Laptops etc. We do it with our laptops from our Desktop which has an external 500Gb LaCie drive. You control what is available by setting up Sharing on the appropriate Drives/Folders

  mgmcc 07 Jul 11

"You control what is available by setting up Sharing on the appropriate Drives/Folders"

Why, if it is effectively a Network Attached Storage device and not connected to a particular computer, is it necessary to set folders as "shared" from one of the computers? I'm not saying you're wrong, I'd just have thought folders in a NAS drive would have been universally available across the LAN.

  bremner 07 Jul 11


Connecting it to the Homehub negates the need to have a particular PC switched on.

  BT 07 Jul 11


also hard wired to the tower is a 600gig hard-drive

From what I read I assumed it was wired to his PC Tower

yes, usb2 strait in the back, so shall be trying this later, and also usb strait in the router, thanks people 8)

ok all good, at first the hub found the drive incompatable, disconected and reconected from within hub manager, drive is now visible and accesable from wireless laptop, xbox also connects to router. but doesnt see hard drive tho


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