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  THE.SULK 23:26 05 Jul 07

Just bought a new router after a BT engineer told me mine was causing my original problem (which cost me £116 because it was my equipment that was faulty!!) which was the phone would notwork when the adsl line was plugged into the microfilter and I did try other mf's. Also I was getting an ultra fast average dl speed of about 15kbs which BT are still looking into...

Anyway I've entered the world of wireless and managed to set up both desktops with the help of usb adaptors and the printer is connected to the router (D-LINK DSL-g624T)via ethernet and can now print from both computers.

The problem I am trying to solve now is how to share files between the two computers, do I have all the equipment I need?? Or am I just missing something here??

Both are running XP sp2 and are fully upto date...

Grateful for any help

  PalaeoBill 23:56 05 Jul 07

This is the best set of instructions I have seen for getting file sharing up and running:
click here

  User-1159794 07:35 07 Jul 07

Ah the search function does work,this is just what I need.



  mikesuther 17:28 07 Jul 07

The easiest way to network / file share is for example right click hard drive, to do this goto my computer and double click.

this will list all of your drives on that paticular PC, goto C drive as an example and right click mouse button, and select sharing and security.

youwill see a number of check boxes, check the box that says share this drive on network. Do this with all the drive you wish to share for example you may want to share the cd drive. when you have done the check click apply, you will then see a hand under the drive.

Do this on both computers and when you then click my network places on one of the computers you will be able to see the drives onthe PC and also the drives you decided to share. Please be aware that you may encounter security vunerabilities but it is rare and i have been using this setup for a number ofyears without trouble.

I hope this of assitance, regards Mike

I spent hours trying to get filesharing working

In the end it was simply my firewall that was preventing access - doh!

Make sure that the firewalls on both computers allow access

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