Sharing broadband on a wireless network?

  James1978 13:22 02 Mar 03

I want to connect my desktop and laptop together on a wireless network. What is the difference between having a PCI ADSl modem in the desktop and having a router? what are the plus and negs for them both?

  vinnyT 13:43 02 Mar 03

Someone else will prob give a more detailed answer.
using the pci modem (call it pc a) for net access will mean that if you wish to access with the other pc (pc b), pc a will have to be switched on at the same time, as pc b needs to access the modem in that pc. If, for some reason, pc a is disabled, then pc b is denied to access through this connection.

With the router, either pc will be able to connect regardless of wether the other pc is on or not. Also, many routers (I use the lynksys BEFSR41, easy install, worked immediately) have a built in firewall (still use a software version, like zonealarm though, belt and braces approach). Very easy to add more pcs, printers, etc to the network at a later date.

I hope some of this makes sense.

  powerless 13:47 02 Mar 03

Vinny T says it nicely...

Also some routers have a modem built in.

  powerless 13:49 02 Mar 03

Actually you need two network cards and a crossover cable. Just having the PCI modem on its own will not do.

  zipdrive 14:08 02 Mar 03

I recently setup a wirless network between my son's PC and my own after upgrading to Boardband. I used two Bekin USB Wireless adaptors setup as ad-hoc system. Took a bit of setting up, but now works very well. I have 128 wep security and Zone Alarm firewall on each PC.

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