sharing aol between 2 pcs

  colcol 10:36 28 Jan 04

sorry about false start above.

I have 2 pcs networked but cannot access aol from the client machine.
I will keep trying. both machines run on wxp home.

is it possible to physically connect 2 pcs to the broadband modem and either share aol or use it one machine at a time.

at present, when my wife wants to access the net I disconnect the usb lead from one pc and connect it to the other.

Djohn is the resident AOL expert?

  LastChip 13:57 28 Jan 04

As far as I know, they do not support ICS (Internet Connection Sharing). For a work around, click here

You may find you have to un-install ICS to make the system work. ICS is essentially a Proxy server and often two servers together on the same system cause conflicts.

  Stuartli 14:19 28 Jan 04

See this thread:

click here

  Djohn 15:51 28 Jan 04

That's very kind of you mark, but unfortunately not true. I know a little of AOL after being with them for almost three years, but left a few months back.

colcol: AOL has always had the capability of being networked, it's just that when people phone the helplines and hear those dreaded words, "We do not support networking" They assume it will not work. It will work, but AOL did not offer support in the form of help with problems.

I believe they now do their own router to network your PC's and if this is correct then give them call as this will be the best way to go. If not then it can be done using a proxy server.

As I side note, Holl-Poll mentioned in his thread yesterday that AOL now support the use of IE6 Outlook and Express for using mail instead of restricting you to their own system. j.

  colcol 16:52 28 Jan 04

djohn - tks to you and others for their advice.

when you use word "router" do you mean a hardware device? if yes - can I not obtain from other sources than aol?

  Djohn 17:18 28 Jan 04

colcol, this is something quite new regarding AOL officially supporting networking and I believe you need to buy their own router as it will come preset with the AOL dial-in configuration.

There was a thread on this the other day, and the person concerned said that AOL's router was a few pounds cheaper than the BT version of same.

  Djohn 17:20 28 Jan 04

Sorry, yes, it is hardware and I think in the region of £120.00 j.

  colcol 18:20 28 Jan 04

thanks - I will talk to aol.

  colcol 19:34 28 Jan 04

I talked to aol who advised I look at aol keyword "home network". this links to a site selling routers approved by aol (dsl).
I would go for a wired solution to link my 2 desktops and 1 laptop which are in same room.

the recommended router is the thomson speedtouch 510 4 port adsl priced at £82.24 plus £5.81 delivery - all inclusive of vat.

2 questions :

will I still be able to use normal file and printer sharing over this network?

is there a cheaper place to buy this kit?

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