shared telephone line causing poor internet speed

  de_de 19:34 18 Jan 04

I typed my phone number into the "can i get broadband" box on the BT site, to be told that my line is shared (DACS). I know that if i place an order for broadband they would have to give me a seperate line for it to work. I don't want broadband...yet, i want a respectable dial-up speed at the moment. Mine is 24KB/S transfer rate with an Intel 536EP V.92 modem...which is very slow. Is this the best speed i can expect on a shared line? Is there any tweaks to increase speed? Has anyone ever managed to get BT to "un-DACS" their telephone line for dial-up?

  MichelleC 19:42 18 Jan 04

BT could still turn up the volume (or gain) on the shared line which could up your bps. You contact faults.

BT is now obliged to provide a minimum speed. If this means removing DACS, then they must do so. Trouble is, I can't remember what the speed is. Anyone out there remember?

It's 28.8 kbs click here

  de_de 20:14 18 Jan 04

Your correct graham...i've just read an article in which OFTEL have forced BT to provide a connection speed of 28.8Kbps minimum for 56K modem customers. They will be legally obliged to do this. I was getting that speed on AOL but it dropped to 24Kbps on Vispa...those 4Kbps make quite a difference! Just for information, BT were obliged to provide a service of just 2.4Kbps minimum prior to the regulator stepping in!

Also worth noting that Oftel is now Ofcom.

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