Share wireless network

  donmar 12:35 12 Jan 08

My grandson will visit soon and bring his wifi equiped laptop with him. I have wireless broadband with aol. How can I let him use his laptop whilst he is here to access the net?

  tullie 12:38 12 Jan 08

Turn on wifi on laptop,right click the connections icon near clock,select network.

  donmar 14:53 12 Jan 08

Thanks tullie. Won't the security settings on my network stop the connection? I can't access the guy next doors network even though my computer can see it.

  tullie 15:14 12 Jan 08

I think it will ask o the SSID,which is on router,and the number you entered when you set yours up.You cant access next door because you dont know the SSID

  donmar 17:53 12 Jan 08

Thank you tullie

  Devil Fish 18:00 12 Jan 08

turn on laptop click network icon from list of available network select yours then select connect

when prompted enter your wep or wpa key which ever applies the laptop should then connect

  donmar 11:35 13 Jan 08

Thank you.

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