Share speakers between two PCs

  dean_e_boy 22:07 21 Jun 04

I have two PCs which, if possible, I would want to share my 5.1 speakers with, as both PC's have 5.1 sound. Is this somehow possible ???

  johnnyrocker 22:31 21 Jun 04

click here and see what is on offer, basically as i see it you need a box of some sort which will acccept inputs (twice)then output once but i would imagine you would get some very confusing issues regarding two seperat types of sound source into one set of speakers.


  Derek 08:23 22 Jun 04

You can do it easily and for pennies.
Buy a double pole two way switch, anything will do. If you know Maplins, they can supply a switch and a box to put it in.
Forget the earths for a moment and just concentrate on the left and right sides of the sound.
Connect the amplifier left and right "Ins" to the centre poles of the two pole switch.
Conect PC 1 (left and right)to one side of the switch and PC 2 to the other side.
Regarding earths, run these without switching directly to the amplifier Earth in.

  dean_e_boy 08:51 22 Jun 04

Many Thanks

I will have a look at Maplins

  Stuartli 08:59 22 Jun 04

You could try a Y cable or a two minijacks to minijack adapter - Maplins and similar outlets stock such adapters.

Although the adapter might bring increased noise signals or ground loop problems, it's a cheap enough solution to try out.

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