shall I buy antivirus or Internet security program

  radimek 21:56 16 Apr 08

Hello guys,

Could you advice me whether shall I buy antivirus or Internet security when browsing through the websites.
I am strongly determined to opt out to Kaspersky version.

Does is make a big difference antivirus and internet security suite?

Thank you,

  anskyber 22:04 16 Apr 08

Which operating system do you have?

  Ronnie268 22:06 16 Apr 08

Sometimes antivirus can cover all areas.

either use

a) Internet Security Suite OR
b) Antivirus + Anti-Spyware and Firewall (free or non-free is your choice)

Personally, I would recommend a mixture of

AVG FREE 7.5 Antivirus
Spyware Terminator
ZoneAlarm Free Firewall OR Comodo Firewall Pro

These are all free and will show up on a google search.

If you must have a Security Suite, get Kaspersky or McAfee

Hope that helps,


  radimek 22:08 16 Apr 08

Hi guys,
Cheers for your concern.
I have Vista Home Premium.


  skidzy 22:09 16 Apr 08

All the info needed is here click here

Obviously your choice if you would prefer a paid suite.

  anskyber 22:12 16 Apr 08

Vista home premium, then use the Vista firewall and Defender (it's with Vista) for spyware and just choose an anti virus. I use the free Avast but AVG free is good too.

  radimek 22:12 16 Apr 08

Thank you Skidzy


  radimek 22:16 16 Apr 08

Thank you Anskyber.


  DieSse 23:01 16 Apr 08

If you want the best AV with the lightest load on your system, update checking every hour, the best virus detection going (as checked by The Virus Bulletin), and far and away the best record of detecting unknown viruses - then get the eset security suite, based on NOD32AV.

You pay yearly and you get ALL updates for that fee - you never have to buy a "new 200X" version.

click here

  Belatucadrus 23:35 16 Apr 08

avast! is a freebie and the latest version incorporates anti spyware and rootkit coverage, no firewall though.

click here

  Poitier 14:28 17 Apr 08

KIS7 has a firewall whilst KAV7 does not,you have to rely on the Windows firewall as it is difficult to find another firewall that is compatable with it. That is more important with Windows XP but though I have no experience of it I have read that Vista has a very good firewall.

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