shadowy lines on monitor

  charlton200 13:33 09 Mar 04

Since having a new hard drive fitted i have noticed shadowy lines (faint but noticeable), going from top to bottom, and more noticeable on the left side off monitor then the right.
Does anybody have any ideas how to get rid of them.
As always any help is much appreciated.

  oldal 13:44 09 Mar 04

Have you degaussed the monitor.( I assume its a CRT )

  charlton200 13:55 09 Mar 04

sorry you have lost ne there.

  oldal 14:03 09 Mar 04

On your monitor setup menu you should find an option to degauss the monitor . This removes any residual magnetism that can cause the sort of problem you describe.

  johnnyrocker 14:04 09 Mar 04

check monitor settings as your problem sounds like fly back lines.


  charlton200 17:47 09 Mar 04

I tried the degauss of the monitor but no luck.
I do not know anything about fly back line though.


  charlton200 19:32 09 Mar 04

is it anything to do with a new hard drive being fitted as i never had them before.

  researcher 22:50 09 Mar 04

If degausing did not work it may be "Moire". Again go into monitor settings and see if there is a key for adjusting this.

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