shadow lines again . but?

  swanny2 00:04 31 Jan 05

i know ive been there b4 an i think it must be me graphic card im on win/me for the last 5 years this pc... but as i say i get a load of shadow lines on me screen but tonite i got me camcoreder out an wen i looked thru it onto me monitor the screen was flickerin like mad.? yet wen i look at it normal its ok bar these ghost shadow line ..strange any ideas... plz

  THE TERMINATOR 00:52 31 Jan 05

Have youtried increasing the refresh rate of your monitor?...TT

  swanny2 01:13 31 Jan 05

hmmmm whats that tt sorry 4 ignorance like......

  Chezdez 01:48 31 Jan 05

control panel > display > settings > advanced > monitor

refresh rate is in there

what is it set to currently?

  swanny2 11:22 31 Jan 05

went there mate and theres no refresh rate in there when i clicked on monitor.all that was inthere was .
automatically detect plug an play monitors. and reset display on suspemd/resume..
im using windows/me.

  ACOLYTE 11:28 31 Jan 05

When you look at a monitor through a cam it may well flicker,because the refresh is higher than the camera,its the same when you see a monitor on the TV in a film or something the monitor seems to have a bad flicker and you think how can they use that in that state,but it isn't actually flickering its just the TV that makes it seem so,so maybe the cam does the same thing.
If the refresh rate doesnt show try to find a driver for the actual monitor you have you may well then be able to alter the refresh.

  Djohn 11:39 31 Jan 05

Is it a CRT monitor swanny2? Similar to a TV and not a flat TFT monitor. Also will you let us know the size of your display please, 17" or 19".

Right click on your desktop/properties/settings tab. Have a look at the screen resolution settings and let us know what this is set at. Then click on the advanced button/monitor tab and it should say what the refresh rate is.

Post back with this info and we can advise further.

  swanny2 11:45 31 Jan 05

cheers mate.. its a compaq mv470 17" monitor.
its set@ 32 bit 800x600..when i go too monitor tab there,s nothing there about refresh rate sorry...

  Djohn 12:14 31 Jan 05

Have a look at these two images from my settings swanny2. 800x600 is fine for a 17" monitor and your colour settings of 32 bit are correct. It would be nice to see a refresh rate of around 85 Hertz for these settings and should not cause any flickering at all.

Have a look at the first link to see how I got to the monitor. It was from settings then clicking on the advanced button, lower right of window. You can see my refresh rate for a TFT at 60 Hertz which is correct.

The reason it shows up on mine is because I have the driver for the monitor. Strictly speaking its not a driver but an .ini file that has the information of the monitor in it. If you now look to the left of the monitor tab, you will see a tab for adapter, click on that then look at my second link.

Click on the list all modes button and you will see the same display as mine, your current setting should be highlighted, let us know what the setting is but you will be safe to change it to 800x600 @ 80Hertz or thereabouts.

click here click here

  ACOLYTE 12:35 31 Jan 05

The closest i could find for you monitor is the Mv400 or the Mv 500, both .INF files may work for yours click here

  swanny2 13:01 31 Jan 05

nope mate no refresh rate in adaptor or monitor

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