sfc /scannow and Windows defender

  buteman 25 Jul 11

I always disable windows defender in Services as I do not like the program.

Would running sfc /scannow enable it again as I just got a warning that Windows Defender wants to run and checked services and it had been enabled again.

Or maybe as I have reset windows updates to run automatically it has downloaded something for W/defender which activated it again.

Just about to turn Windows Automatic Updates off again and will download manually from now on.

Any other ideas as to what may have switched it back on again.

  johndrew 25 Jul 11

If you dislike Defender, and have other software to protect and scan your PC, why not uninstall it?

I can see no way that running sfc /scannow would start Defender; but even if it does you can stop it easily enough using Task Manager. It sometimes takes a number of attempts as defender has a habit of restarting itself.

  buteman 25 Jul 11


I should have checked first Windows update had 2 updates for windows defender 1st on the 19/7 and the second on the 22/7 and when I tried to uninstall them they are not mentioned in the uninstall list so looks like I will have to leave them.

I cannot remember what idiot reason I had for setting Windows updates to automatic.

  buteman 25 Jul 11


As far as I know you cannot uninstall it when using Windows7.

  rdave13 25 Jul 11

Defender is part of Win 7 services so unless you remove the service (not advisable) you can only disable it within the program under tools and settings and disable it in services. I think that running sfc will restart Defender but I'm not sure.

  buteman 25 Jul 11


Yes just checked you cannot remove it just disable it.

I have ran sfc /scannow a few times and never noticed any problems with defender notifications .

I can only assume it was Windows Updates that activated it again.

So have changed it back to manual but maybe if anyone else has it disabled and also have windows updates set to manual best checking to make sure it is still disabled.


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