Several photo galleries on one site.

  m800afc 12:36 02 May 07

With the help of forum members I have managed to upload my first Photoshop Web Photo Gallery.
Please can someone suggest a site I can visit that will explain in basic terms how I can have several galleries on the same site, with a simple home page from which viewers may choose which gallery they wish to view. Not forgetting an option on each gallery to return to the home page.

  MAJ 16:30 02 May 07

That wouldn't be too difficult to do, m800afc, a teeny bit tricky getting the links correct, but if you do it on your PC first, testing it while creating it, you should be okay. What you'll have to do is create a new index.htm page with the names of your galleries on it converted to links. Then, having created your galleries, change the name of their index pages to something apt. You will probably have to edit the gallery's internal links as well. As I said, a teeny bit fiddley, but very do-able if you take it step by step.

  MAJ 21:43 02 May 07

Thinking about it again, m800afc, it's much easier than that.

Create your two (or more) web galleries and give them apt names, 'wedding photos' and 'funnymoon photos', for example.

As you already know, Photoshop will create all the necessary files for each gallery and place them in their respective folders.

Now create your new Homepage with the galleries names as your links. The link for the first gallery will be:

wedding photos/index.htm

The link for the second gallery will be:

funnymoon photos/index.htm

Name this new Homepage index.htm .That will take your viewer to the respective gallery and when they are in there they can navigate as usual using the links Photoshop created.

You will then need to put a link back to your new Homepage on each of the gallery's index.htm pages.

Now upload your new Homepage (called index.htm) and both the web gallery folders (last time we only uploaded the folder's contents, this time upload the folders with all their contents inside).

You will notice that I have kept all the file and folder names above in lowercase letters. Always have the names of your files and folders in lowercase when creating a website, it can cause problems if you don't.

  m800afc 02:39 04 May 07

Thanks MAJ, I will try it out over the weekend.

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