Several email accounts using Outlook Express

  scooper 14:43 19 Feb 03

Using W98 How do I setup outlook express so that when individual users login, all they see is their own messages only

  Lozzy 14:46 19 Feb 03

I don't think you can in W98, You can in XP

  recap 14:48 19 Feb 03

Try: Control Panel/users follow the wizard and every time somebody want to use the computer they will have to log on.

  brambles 16:08 19 Feb 03

The governing factor would be your version of Outlook Express.

I am with BT where I am allowed 5 mailboxes - so all I have to create a mailbox for each i.e. self
- wife- daughter- church. They would all come into the main Inbox directory but - under Rules you can create an Inbox for each mailbox - then the mail goes specifically into the relative inbox. Please see Outlook Express help - if you are still struggling email me & I'll send chapter & verse. 72 year old enthusiast - not expert but I've done it so you can!

  TBH1 16:45 19 Feb 03

you can set up several accounts / ID's in Outlook express in w98se - - - info there somewhere in the HELP thingy - don't use it from work so again, very vague. My home PC is used by 4 people at home, each of us have our own OE accounts and once password protected, are only accesible by the account holder . It is easy to do though, just remember there is a difference between ID's and Accounts.

  Switcher 17:07 19 Feb 03


Then set up different Identities.

  Gemma 17:12 19 Feb 03

You can create a password protected Identity for each user.

File - Identities - Create etc.

From the help:

What are identities?
Creating identities is a way for several people to use Outlook Express and the Address Book on the same computer. For example, you and a family member may share a computer. If you each create an identity, you would each see your own mail and your own contacts when you log on under your identity. Once your identity is created, you can organize your contacts the way you want them by creating subfolders.

  Switcher 17:15 19 Feb 03

After setting up a different identity each identity can be password protected then in outlook express you can use FILE-SWITCH IDENTITY to change to another identity ONLY if you know the password. Each identity configures outlook express to reflect only their own accounts.

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